3 Busts of people in front of a world icon with dots on major cities to show a distributed team.

The Distributed Workforce Project

The Workforce is melting and the future of work is distributed. In an increasingly dynamic and fluid workplace, the middle manager emerges as the primary hub in a geographically dispersed network of employees, contractors and 3rd parties. The project gathers data and synthesizes the mechanics of highly successful managers into a core ‘management fitness’ routine that progressive managers can adopt to drive peak performance, collaboration and engagement.

Know an awesome manager? Contribute to the project! Think of the most amazing manager you have ever worked under in a distributed team setting. Got someone in mind? Take 5 minutes and tell us about what made them so effective now here.

  • While no contact information is required to participate, we’ll send you a copy of the results if you do.
  • BONUS: If you provide the contact information of your amazing manager, we’ll provide them with a copy of the results along with a shout out and recognition. Make sure your best manager ever gets this extra kudo! Don’t worry, we won’t reveal who you are to them.

See the Workforce is Melting project kickoff presentation from DisruptHR SF here

Contact info@farsidehr.com to learn more about The Distributed Workforce Management Project, follow updates on LinkedIn Twitter Facebook or check out our Medium article describing the Project in greater detail.

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