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Now Open: The Distributed Workforce Project.
Think of the best manager you’ve ever worked with on a distributed team.

Here are some early contributions

“He made each member of the team (remote or local) understand their mission and importance to the desired outcome, tailoring his motivational anecdotes to be relatable to each team member.”

- Respondent, The Distributed Workforce Project
“She hired strong people who had a desire for success and did not micromanage.”

- Respondent, The Distributed Workforce Project
“Quarterly OKR setting first at company level, then department and cross functional team participative team sessions to iterate and discuss priorities and goals.”

- Respondent, The Distributed Workforce Project
“Regularly brought the distributed team together face to face. Routinely visited the remote locations and spent face time with everyone. Conducted formal annual refresh of in-depth purpose, vision, objectives doc with involvement at all levels.”

- Respondent, The Distributed Workforce Project

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The Distributed Workforce Project
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